Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Comic Book Titles Sales Data Visualisation 2005-2010

This is a data visualistaion of comic book sales figures from January 2005 until December 2010. Each balloon represents a comic book title released in that time. click images to see larger versions.

1/3 the size after click

Click here for the full image *(Warning! It's massive. 19,844 x 14032 pixels)

The bigger the balloon and the higher it floats represents how many issues in total that title sold over the time.
The further away from the left hand side of the image the balloon is, the more issues it had released.
Colour indicates publisher.
Red = Marvel
Blue = DC
Green = Image
Grey = Dark Horse
Pink = Everybody else

This is what the image looks like at 100% zoom (actual size)

At 50% zoom

This was created using the software Processing with data gathered from Diamond Distributors monthly sales reports in relation to comic book stores orders.

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